Hi, I'm Tina

Driven, Proactive, Curious.

I'm a full stack marketer who is passionate about creating content that is optimized for SERPs and drives user engagement. I love to experiment with paid marketing using Google Ads and Facebook Ads to learn best practices. I'm also experienced in email marketing and CRM using tools similar to MailChimp and HubSpot. I'm deeply analytical and always look for the 'why' behind the bigger picture. I have gained extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS & JavaScript and love to use my creative eye to design and develop websites.


Some tools I like to use: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, SEMrush, MailChimp, HubSpot, WordPress, Wix, Hootsuite, Asana, Canva

My Culture Code

I value developing deep relationships and fostering communication with honesty, transparency and empathy. I am ambitious and thrive when I can work cross-functionally in order to surpass goals. I believe in continuous learning and growth and strive to surround myself in an environment that encourages both.


It's important to develop your brand and define what you represent. I can help you stay true to it.


Your content is your chance to tell your story to your audience through a defined brand voice. I can help create content in the form of landing pages, blog posts and social media.


Your website is the first impression users have of your brand. It needs to be designed with your audience in mind - easy to use, quick to find information and actually relevant.


There's a lot that goes into search engine optimization behind the scenes. I understand what it takes to make sure you rank on the first page of SERPs through the use of keywords, backlinks, meta tags, meta descriptions and more.

Web design, content & SEO by Tina Singe

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